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     In loving memory of John Wayne Proctor of Lancaster, PA, a serene soul whose life was richly woven with a profound love of life and for all things technical. Born on December 1948, to Wayne Monroe Proctor and Frances Mildred Proctor in Washington, DC, John’s physical journey reached its conclusion on January 8th, 2024. John was preceded in death by his wife, Dawn Proctor (Baylis), in 2007.

     A graduate of Robert E. Peary High School in Rockville, MD, John’s curiosity extended far beyond the classroom. Spending the earlier part of his adult life in Germantown, MD, with his then-wife Marcia Proctor (née Stone), he explored new hobbies including R.C Airplanes pursuing the interest until he became a registered private pilot with FAA. This love of the sky giving him a unique and broad perspective of our world.

     They had two daughters, Jenny Green and Amanda Embrey (Matthew). John is also survived by his brother Steven Proctor (Stacy), cousins Jim Smart and Catherine Biess, her daughter Bonnie Biess, and grandchildren Lucas Green, and Devin and Ava Embrey as well as Dawn’s children, Daniel Baylis, Dionne Baylis, Robert Baylis, Jr., Jennifer Baylis, and grandchildren, Brittney Baylis, Daniel Baylis, Jr., Samantha  Holland, Kendall Baylis, Elias Baylis, Savannah Baylis, Alicia Milley, and Mark Bowers leaving behind a wide-spread, impacting legacy of love, innovation, creativity, and passion for the stars.

     In his early career, starting at the bottom, John literally climbed to the top of telephone poles at Bell Atlantic before settling into a high-level managerial role with the company. Serenity for him was found not only in the woods, walking with Dawn, but also in the intricate workings of radios and electronics, proudly navigating the waves as an avid HAM radio operator in his free time. After Dawn’s passing, John continued their pursuit of knowledge with the SETI at Home program, sharing their love for space and the thirst for the unknown.

     John’s basement was a world of creativity, where model trains traversed handcrafted landscapes. His dedication reflected not only technical prowess but also the ability to create beautiful worlds from the raw components of design.

     As we gather to bid farewell, let’s remember not just dates and details but the essence of a man who found joy in understanding life’s mechanics. Funeral arrangements, starting with a 1-hour viewing at 11 am on January 12th, 2024, are at Furman Home for Funerals, followed by services at noon and then on to his final resting place at Mellinger Mennonite Cemetery, honoring John’s profound impact on our lives.

     John found sense and order in science, realizing that the particles composing our beings are the same ones that birthed distant stars. He believed in the interconnectedness of everyone in the universe, a sentiment mirrored by Carl Sagan’s famous words, “We are all made of starstuff.” May his spirit resonate in this world he explored passionately and now beyond the stars.

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